Unlocking the potential of the CEE real estate market.

For over two decades, we have been discovering and bringing to life hidden gems of Central and Eastern Europe. In our work, we combine quality, experience and regional insight essential to deliver awe-inspiring projects and excellent investment services.

Alkyon is an investor, developer and operator with extensive experience in the CEE real estate market.

As a developer we are responsible for the development of large scale, city-shaping projects that are in line with the urban fabric and real estate trends.

With our constant local presence, years of expertise and strong network of capable partners we know exactly how to navigate in these fastest flourishing markets of the continent.

With headquarters in Linz, branch offices in Prague, Warsaw, Sofia, Budapest, Bucharest, and Opatija, we always have an eye on the brightest and most promising real estate projects in the region. And we make sure they bring superior revenue to our investors.

That is our mission.

Just in Poland, Alkyon jointly identified already 11 medium-size secondary cities for hotels showing a highly underdeveloped local hospitality market that offers the most attractive opportunities and returns. This is due to their regional status as economic powerhouses and/or attraction as a tourist destination.

Contact Alkyon office:


ul. Jana Lechonia 4/1
01-556 Warsaw

Austria (Headquarters)

Haiderstraße 23,
4052 Ansfelden


Hlavní ul. 39,
252 43 Průhonice


Polgar ut. 8-10,
1033 Budapest


15 Tsaritsa Yoanna Blvd.,
1324 Sofia


Ulica Maršala Tita 108,
51410 Opatija


Str. Regele
Ferdinand nr. 1,
sc. A, et. 3,
ap. 9, Sibiu